[Scribus] Kern Pairs

frank gaude' tanzen
Wed Mar 29 04:16:09 CEST 2006

avox wrote:
> frank gaude wrote:
>> In the Inkscape User's forum some claimed that the program didn't 
>> recognize kern pairs. And on testing I found that it doesn't either in 
>> FC5 or in Windows here. One of the programmers said it did at his 
>> location, something to do with the Pango installation.
>> Question, is anyone having troubles with kern pairs in Scribus?
> Kerning is supported if Freetype reports it. If you have a font where
> it doesn't work I would be interested to know about it.
I'm not having trouble with Scribus and kern-pairs, having Freetype and 
Pango installed, latest versions. But neither of my Inkscape 
installations recognize kern pairs. So it is likely program specific, 
and not Linux, or Windows as my page layout programs work correctly in 
both OSs. The mystery will be solved, soon... <smile>

Thanks for your reply.


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