[Scribus] ANNOUNCE Release Scribus 1.3.3 - Printemps

BandiPat magicpage91
Tue Mar 28 06:57:22 CEST 2006

PLinnell wrote:
> The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.3.3 - 
> "Printemps"
> The 1.3.3 release is the fourth development version working towards a 
> new stable 1.4. Within this release period over 200 bugs and feature 
> requests were completed mostly focused on useability and correctness.
>     * The EPS importer has seen many enhancements including better 
> text import with improved pair kerning. The importer also imports 
> images embedded within EPS.
>     * The PDF exporter has enhanced PDF presentation effects and 
> controls.
>     * A new barcode plugin allows easy creation of barcodes within 
> Scribus
>     * The scrapbook was enhanced to handle multiple scrapbooks. 
> Scribus also imports Kivio and Dia stencils as native objects.
>     * A new MS Word doc importer via antiword allows Scribus to import 
> MS Word doc files.
>     * Scribus now has a Palm PDB importer. The Palm PDB format stores 
> text on Palm Pilots and similar PDAs.
>     * New Japanese and traditional German translation for the UI have 
> been added.
>     * A large number of new keyboard accelerators have been added, 
> along with new paste features.
>     * On systems with CUPS installed, Scribus can detect printer 
> margins with the currently selected printer. Similar functionality 
> for Windows has also been added.
>     * Scribus now has dockable toolbars, They are dockable vertically 
> or horizontally and also can be disabled completely.
>     * Scribus now looks for shared color palettes from the Create 
> project.
> About Scribus
> Scribus is a cross-platform open source page layout application with a 
> focus on high quality commercial grade PDF and postscript export. 
> Originally developed on Linux, Scribus runs natively on Windows 
> 2000/XP and MacOSX. Scribus is free of charge and source code is free 
> to download.
> Underneath the modern and user friendly interface, Scribus supports 
> professional publishing features, such as CMYK color, spot colors, 
> separations, ICC color management and versatile PDF creation. Scribus 
> was the first page layout application on the planet to directly 
> support PDF/X-3 output, a rigorous ISO standard. Scribus did so by 
> almost a year.
> The Scribus Team is made up of a diverse group of developers with 
> significant experience in pre-press and newspaper publishing. 
> Commercial support for Scribus is available for companies and 
> institutions for implementation, training and migration.
> Windows 2000/XP: http://windows.scribus.net
> MacOS X: http://aqua.scribus.net
> Source, RPMS and debs 
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=125235&package_id=136924&release_id=404799
> Debian Repository http://debian.scribus.net
> Peter
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

My compliments to the chefs!  Preliminary testing shows some very nice
improvements in everything.  Thanks Peter also for the SUSE 10.0 rpm
file on Sourceforge!  You guys make it easy to do desktop publishing.  ;o)

Looking forward to a final 1.4 version.  I think you've exceeded the
expectations of a great many people for such high quality software on
Linux and some open source software on other platforms to replace not so
high quality software.

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