[Scribus] Textflow around a round form?

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon Mar 27 21:38:10 CEST 2006

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> Dear list,
>  I draw a circle and put it in front of a text-frame, letting the text 
> flow around the circle. But in the properties / form - palette it is not 
> possible to define a distance of the text to the form? So, the text 
> flows directly around the circle, but I need a little distance between 
> the circle and the text ...
Easy, once you know. Click on the text frame, go to Properties, Shape, 
then set the Top through Right to say, 0.1 in. or whatever units you are 
using... thus the guards are set around the text box and the frame for 
which you have have set the Text Flows Around Frame. That's it. Very nice...


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