[Scribus] scribus fedora core 5

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Mar 26 01:34:39 CET 2006

PLinnell wrote:
> On Saturday 25 March 2006 14:09, Wolfgang Fischer wrote:
>> hi,
>> with update from fc 4 to fc 5 scribus does'nt start. There is a
>> problem with libssl.so.5 and libcrypt**.
>> When I try to reinstall scribus, then occure the error of missing
>> dependencies. Can you help me ?
>> wolfgang
> The only way to correct this is to rebuild the srpm or recompile from 
> source.
I just upgraded one of my computers to FC5 this week and had no problem 
recompiling and running Scribus.
On the other hand, another computer I have turned into a disaster 
(nothing to do with Scribus) - something wrong, very wrong with the X 
My suggestion: if you can't upgrade/install in graphical mode, don't do 
it -- having said that, if you find that graphical mode works, I would 
back up and go text mode, since graphical mode is considerably clumsier 
for some reason. (I read somewhere that the installer uses yum, in which 
case it seems to treat each individual disk -- there are now five -- as 
a new "transaction" in the yum sense).


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