[Scribus] Cut and Paste problems in CVS

Le Tigre scribus
Sat Mar 25 21:42:55 CET 2006

frank gaude' a ?crit :
> stu seven wrote:
>>+  Hi David -  I know that both OpenOffice and Kwrite use
>> their own formats... this may be the problem... however,
>> I can't see this affecting a true PASTE into the text-editing
>> screen.  Another possible problem is the newness of the
>> SCribus package you're trying to use... unstable is not
>> called that without cause... Scribus newest packages
>> are notorious for causing troubles... I always stick with
>> stable... or... maybe just drop a few versions back for
>> a fully working version ?
>>On 3/25/06, David Goodenough <david.goodenough at btconnect.com> wrote:
>>>I am running the Debian unstable scribus-cvs package, and I am having all
>>>manner of difficulty in persuading Scribus to accept text copied into the
>>>clipboard from other packages.  I have tried Kwrite and OpenOffice and
>>>Scribus just keeps the menu items grey'ed out when in the story editor.
>>>Is this a known problem?
> I've just copy and pasted from Scribus 1.3.3cvs in Fedora KDE FC5 both 
> from Kwrite and KEdit with success; the same goes for I also 
> tried 1.3.2 in Win XP using Notepad with the same success. As I recall 
> the same was true using FC4.
> Frank
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I don't know if it's the same problem, but I had that kind of problem, 
and solved it using Klipper (a KDE-editor of clipboard): you have to 
select with a right-click of mouse on the Klipper icon the text you just 
copied from OO when you are Scribus.


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