[Scribus] ANNOUNCE String Freeze for 1.3.3 - Update

Xavier Sala utrescu
Sat Mar 25 17:46:15 CET 2006

> Anyone else that we haven't had direct contact got any updates? 1.3.3 will be 
> prepared for release soon..
> Craig
The "Status of Translations" page for 1.3.x in catalan shows:

catalan 	scribus.ca.ts 	3774 	3758 	99.58 	5 	0.13 		11 	0.29

But I download the latest cvs version, and the strings can not be found
by KBabel or QtLinguist...

How can I find the untraslated and fuzzy strings? (Sorry, this may be a 
newbie translator question)

Xavier Sala Pujolar
utrescu at xaviersala.net

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