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fredd effediwhy
Wed Mar 22 14:39:25 CET 2006

On 3/22/06, PLinnell <mrdocs at scribus.info> wrote:
> Hi all,
> For those who were not able to attend and/or also wondering about the
> quietness on IRC or the ML over the weekend, below is far from
> complete summary of the Libre Graphics Meeting held this past weekend
> in Lyon, France.
> First, this was the first ever meet of all the Scribus devels in the
> same place with the exception of Franz who could not attend.
> This meeting came about from the generous offer of Dave Neary from the
> GIMP team to bring in other graphics app developers such as Inkscape
> and it soon snowballed into a larger meet. Dave and the local Linux
> LUG group did a fantastic job organzing everything and a great time
> was had by all.
> One of the first presentations was by ?yvind Kol?s aka pippin from the
> GIMP team demoing working code using GEGL,babl and gggl , the next
> generation of image libraries for the GIMP and other applications.
> Most impressive is the way ?yvind used oxide and bauxite, which are
> built from these components.
> For end users, GEGL, babl and gggl are a means to break the current
> limits in GIMP with 16bit and larger bit depths available, along with
> the ability to support other color spaces like CieLAB and CMYK. When
> can we see this in cvs ? The GIMP devs I spoke with said as soon as
> 2.4 is released.
> Next up was Marti Maria from littlecms and now HP. He gave an
> excellent presentation connecting how we see as humans with the
> nature of digital color in computing. Suffice to say, Scribus is as
> good as any at demonstrating littlecms' capabilities. Little known is
> indeed littlecms is used in the color management firmware in a number
> of high end HP specialty printers. We're hoping we can have that
> presentation on the docs site as a primer for beginning with color
> management.
> Gerald Friedland gave a demo of SIOX or Simple Interactive Object
> Extraction, which is in the current development version of GIMP.
> Simply put, SIOX is a clever new way of selecting objects in an image
> in a way which otherwise takes many manual steps. If you have a
> chance to get the latest GIMP beta, it is worth it just to see this
> in action. Who says open source folks do not innovate ?
> Cedric Gemy, better know for his new book on GIMP 2.2 in French 'Gimp
> 2 efficace' gave a demo of Tuxpaint in French. If you can read
> French, his new book is probably the most comprehensive book on GIMP
> 2.2.x
> Jon Phillips from Inkscape gave a talk on Create and how open source
> graphics applications are working to share things like brushes, color
> swatches and other image oriented media.
> Xara has been open sourced - a very bold move for a commercial
> graphics application company. Xara is an illustration application
> which has tremendous rendering speed on the canvas among other
> assets. One of the principal reasons for open sourcing the "crown
> jewels" as they put it, is to port Xara to Linux and MacOSX.
> It was obvious from the interaction with other teams and developers
> that not only the Xara folks were very much welcome there, but also
> they have taken the open source development model to heart.
> The Blender folks had a number of small talks and demos, but owning to
> other meetings none of us had much time to participate.
> [...]

You forgot to mention that you also gave a conference about Scribus, and
showed some of the aspects of the software. One of the main focus was the
strengths of Scribus regarding professional printing. The printed books and
newspapers you show, all made using Scribus, was quite impressive.

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