[Scribus] help need taking first steps in scripting

Ananga ---- Antony Brand ananga
Sun Mar 19 19:31:35 CET 2006

I am working at the console on Scribus 1.3.2 on Win XP and I'm starting to
get the hang of things. Just a few questions that I'm hoping someone here
will be able to answer.

What is the difference between createPolygon and createPolyLine ?

I have been using the following command and it seems to work okay.
createPolygon(     [  0,0,    4,0,     4*(1.412/2) , -4*1.412     ]     ,

How do I modify the command to:
1    change the colour fill shade to 0%
2    change the opacity to 0%
3    change the line width to 4pt
4    change the line edges and endings to round join and round cap

Is it possible to use a script to define these as a style as I have a lot of
polygons/lines to create?

The script always creates the polygon using the top left corner of the page
as the origing even if I manually reset the origin to the middle of the
page. Is there a way of creating the object with respect to the actual
origin on the page chosen by the user?

When I make the jump to making script files, what does the first line need
to be?
#!/usr/bin/env python seems to apply for Linux users but not for PC, what
would be the equivalent PC command or is that line not strictly necessary.

Thanks very much in advance

Antony Brand

Glastonbury, UK
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