[Scribus] thanks for Mac version

Benjamin Huot benjaminhuot
Thu Mar 16 18:13:00 CET 2006

Thanks to the person or persons who did the Mac port and packaged the 
application and necessary files into the preferred Mac installer format 
(.pkg) I use Linux (Simply Mepis) too but one of the many benefits of 
open source software is that they tend to be cross-platform and this 
also eases the transition to Linux. But it requires a great deal of 
effort from knowledgeable and probably very busy people to do that. I 
want to let you know that this is appreciated.

I am in the process of moving to all Apple or Open Source products for 
most of my design needs and will switch eventually to entirely open 
source products as they have the features needed to do my design work. 
Scribus in the 1.3.2 development version is a big step towards this 
especially with the ability to import vector graphics from Inkscape and 
the advanced PDF features. Also if you put a link to donate money, I 
would be interested in providing some funds for the development. I'm not 
rich but I have money budgeted to give some modest financial support to 
open source products that I find useful.

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