[Scribus] Scribus-CVS: Problems with values in dropdown menus (2)

Kurt Lhotzky k_lhotzky
Thu Mar 16 14:42:04 CET 2006

Hi list,

the prblem I described in my last mail remains, even after completely
de-installing and re-installing Scribus-CVS. I just wanted to add one
more point: When you try in "preferences" to change the page-margins and
you use decimal points (e.g. 15.5), the entered values is alway reset to
With "Forms" (Shapes) it is the same. Scribus (under Ubuntu Dapper or
Kubuntu Dapper) resets all decimal values to zero.

Someone on the list who has got an ideal how to cahnge this strange
behaviour (which makes work a little bit complicate)?



P.S.: I know, that Dapper is still an alpha-release, but it works
without problems with all other programs installed...

Am Dienstag, den 14.03.2006, 15:28 +0100 schrieb Kurt Lhotzky:

> Hi, list,
> I installed (under Ubuntu Dapper, which really works fine and without
> problems on my PC) the last Scribus-CVS and met a strange problem:
> When I try to change the font-size of a style in the dropdown-menu,
> the value for the size is rest to 1 pt; when I enter the fontsize
> manually to 10 point or any other value, I have to move the
> mouse-cursor to another dropdownwindow to have my new values set.
> Same thing with preferences, pagemargins. By the way - if you enter
> new values and try to continue by pressing the TAB-key,values are
> reste to 0.
> Is this my "personal" problem or is it a known bug or....???
> Regards, 
> Kurt Lhotzky
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