[Scribus] import ps file as *real* text

Steven Boothe steven.boothe
Thu Mar 16 01:31:29 CET 2006

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 16. M?rz 2006 01:05 schrieb Mayeul KAUFFMANN:
>>> If I were you, I would store my OO.o Writer file without any graphs and
>>> diagrams and import the text into Scribus. As for the image files, they
>>> are better stored separately and then imported into Scribus. This gives
>>> you _much_ more control over your layout in Scribus.
>> Thanks for your rapid answer !
>> I have retried the way you say on two simple pages. Unfortunately,
>> footnotes get placed in the main text frame. Cross references are
>> transformed into plain text (not dynamic anymore). These 2 shortcomings
>> make it impractical to work on a scientific book in OOo form into scribus,
>> unless I missed something. So my question on *real* text remains...
>> Regards
>> Mayeul
> Hi Mayeul,
> one thing you discovered is that Scribus isn't the right tool for scientific 
> publications (yet). The emphasis of DTP software is magazines, newspapers, 
> flyers etc. For scientific publications, LaTeX is still the first choice, or, 
> if you want to work the WYSIWIG way, FrameMaker or CorelPublisher.

I thought LyX was also an equally viable WYSIWIG tool in this category 
no? Even more so since it is Free Open Source Software. Of course it is 
also available for win32 now too...

I hope that helps too.


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