[Scribus] import ps file as *real* text

Mayeul KAUFFMANN mayeul.kauffmann
Wed Mar 15 23:24:43 CET 2006

When importing a .ps file that contain some text, each letter is 
transformed into a vector drawing.
This is not big problem for a 1 or 2 page document. However, I have to 
import the book (c. 350 pages) I wrote in OpenOffice.org to do some 
editing, so the file will be definitely too big if each letter is 
transformed to a drawing (moreover, editing the text itself will be 
uneasy). I cannot import the OOo file directly since I have too many 
graphs and diagrams (about 100), that presumably won't be imported.
Maybe it is currently not possible, in which way i would be happy to 
know (to stop looking for a solution !)

I have tried to import several ps files (generated by scribus, kword, 
Inkscape, OOo...) with no success.
I have scribus 1.3.3cvs, GhostScropt 8.53 on Ubuntu Breezy (Gnome).

Many thanks for any help,

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