[Scribus] Windows Installer

Philipp Wagner lists
Tue Mar 14 16:39:16 CET 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Monday 13 March 2006 22:03, Philipp Wagner wrote:
>>I have a small suggestion for the Windows installer. Would it be
>>possible, to have a check at the beginning of the installer if
>>GhostScript (new enough version) and the GDI+-lib is installed and if
>>not, grab it from the internet and install it first? A lot of windows
>>user are not used to read a page of instructions first before installing
>>a software package, so I got already a couple questions from friends to
>>explain to them how the installation works (well, some of them didn't
>>understand english and so weren't able to understand the instruction
>>page on the homepage).
> I'm not sure exactly what we can do there. We could even include GDI+, but we 
> decided due to its distribution license, that *distributing it* clashed with 
> our licenses enough to not do so. You have to go click on their special sign 
> your life away page, or get it from some other source..
> We can probably put a check in though.

Well, I do not vote for including GDI+ or GS (it increases the package
size without need for most of the people), too. But if the licence GDI+
does not forbid grabbing it from the internet during the installation
process and installing it right away (and I don't think it does/could),
the scribus installer should grab it without having the user open his
browser first and install it manually.
GDI+ is not distributed under GPL or any other open source licence,
sure, but still I think usability is a higher goal than some ideas of
not wanting to "mix" non-open-source with OS-licenced software. There's
no win for anyone by not including these two (required/almost required)
packages in the installer (including is not distributing it with it, but
downloading it if needed).


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