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Subject: [Scribus] need to create greyscale PDF/X-3

> Hi Folks,
> My apologies if this has been covered already in FAQs or the like, but 
> my searches have not found any direct references.
> (I am using the standard scribus as maintained in the Fedora 
> Core YUM repository.)
> I have a scribus document (a newsletter) from which I need to produce 
> multiple output documents: a colour PDF for a webpage, and a PDF to send 
> to a printing house for monochrome printing.
> I have assembled a 4 page test document, generated a test PDF/X-3, and 
> sent this to our printers. They have responded that there are a few 
> minor changes needed for them to be able to print from this:
> 1. All pictures need to be in greyscale
> 2. If we are printing in monochrome (which we currently do) then all 
> text must be black.
> 3. If we are printing in black plus one colour (which we don't currently 
> do, but are considering the option), then we need to provide the 
> document in black plus one colour expressed as a Spot colour.
> In addition, the document has fill colour in some of the boxes 
> (specified as red @ 15%). I presume I need to output this as black @ 15% 
> for the monochrome output.
> I had hoped that I could produce both PDFs from the same document - ie, 
> be able to specify greyscale for images and black for text/stroke/fill 
> when creating the PDF/X-3 for the printer, and specifying full colour 
> when creating the PDF for the web.
> Q1: Is this simply a matter of my correctly setting some output 
> parameter(s) that I haven't fully understood? For example, installing a 
> greyscale Output Profile (instead of the default Fogra27L CMYK profile), 
> or possibly an ICC colour profile?
> Q2: Or do I need to create a separate greyscale document, either 
> manually, or through a script or plugin?
> Q3: Is there some other way that I haven't thought of?
> All comments and feedback gratefully accepted.
> Cheers!
> Nik.
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