[Scribus] PDF/X3 and others

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Mar 12 15:19:11 CET 2006

>I tried to put an image with 10% opacity ("en filigrane", en 
>fran?ais) on the background of my pages, but when I export it into 
>PDF x3, transparency is not preserved. After research, I realised 
>that PDF/X-3 doesn't support transparency.
>I would like to have more explanations about all the different kinds 
>of PDF we can create with scribus.

Bonjour Florence,

There is something to read here.

First link is in French

The Rogers digital ads gives a taste of real life use

The following article answers your question. I guess we could link 
this to the wiki. (Why re-write this, it's cristal clear.) IMO this 
is a very useful and thorough information on PDFs.

Of course, google has lots more, including the Adobe site.

Au plaisir!


>If you think that this issue deserve attention, it would be nice to 
>have an article about it on the wiki.
>Thank you
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