[Scribus] Luxembourgish?!*

Helmut Wollmersdorfer helmut.wollmersdorfer
Sat Mar 11 21:28:56 CET 2006

Helge Hielscher wrote:

> These fonts include the above:
> AR PL New Sung
> AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni
> AR PL ZenKai Uni


Using Google I found a HOWTO

> but I don't know the filenames and thus not the package that includes
> them. Is there a utility that I could use to find that out?

On Debian:

# apt-cache search AR PL ZenKai Uni
ttf-arphic-ukai - "AR PL ZenKai Uni" Chinese Unicode TrueType font Kaiti 
# apt-get install ttf-arphic-ukai

> Furthermore is there a way to get to know the (substituted) font firefox
> is using to display the characters?

Not to my knowledge.
Under Edit -> Preferences you can configure the behaviour and the 
preferred font for different languages.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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