[Scribus] Printing tabloid landscape to Laserjet 5SiMx - Help!

John Jordan johnxj
Sat Mar 11 06:20:57 CET 2006

On 11 Mar 2006, at 15:53, Dean McCorquodale wrote:

> What breed of printer.

Laserjet 5SiMx. Hewlett Packard sold several billions of these 
things. OK, that was an exaggeration. But they are extremely 
common as workgroup printers in corporate offices. In fact, it would 
not surprise me if it was in the top five in total number of printers 
sold in all history of laser printing. That's why I am surprised that 
Linux has problems printing to it. 

> Does cups allow requested page size?

11x17 is not listed anywhere in CUPS or in any Scribus print dialog 
box. And both CUPS and the Scribus paper size box list all kinds 
of sizes and dimensions that I have never heard of, and which are 
not supported by this printer. (It does just US letter, legal, 11x17 
and European A3 and A4, plus various envelope sizes.)

If I print from OO.o I get a proper listing of paper sizes.

> Trying different printer driver may help.

There is only one driver available for this printer. It is a genuine 
Adobe PostScript level 2 printer. The PPD file is properly installed 
(as far as I know).

Thanks for the suggestions.

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