[Scribus] Printing tabloid landscape to Laserjet 5SiMx - Help!

John Jordan johnxj
Sat Mar 11 04:26:41 CET 2006

Can't do it. I've set it to tabloid (11x17 inches), landscape. Even set 
it to landscape in the printer control panel. Page still comes out 
portrait. I need this to print!

This is a PostScript Level 2 printer (genuine Adobe). It is installed 
via CUPS. 

In the print dialog box there is an Options button next to the printer 
drop-down dialog box. The option to print to 11x17 does not appear 
in the next dialog box -- under the PageRegion button. All it shows 
is Letter, A4, Photo, 3x5, 5x8, A5, A6, B5JIS, various envelope 
sizes, Executive, FLSA, Hagaki, Legal, Oufuku, w558h774 and 
w612h935. Now, it could be that one of the last two is 11x17, if I 
knew what kind of dimensions it was referencing. But even if one of 
them is 11x17, they are both portrait dimensions anyway. (As an 
aside, I have no idea why some of those page sizes are in there, 
since this printer is not capable of printing on all those sizes.)

Down below the PageRegion is an Orientation option, which I set to 

Toward the bottom of the first dialog box is an Advanced Options 
button. This brings up another dialog box, but the only button in it 
that might have a bearing on the problem is Set Media Size. It was 
unchecked by default so I checked it, but it didn't make any 

Naturally, the Document Setup is landscape and the pages appear 
landscape on screen.

This is Scribus on Ubuntu-64 Breezy. (I can't install any 
more recent versions because they don't exist yet for 64-bit Linux -- 
and I don't know how to force it work -- all I can do is what's in 

What's the secret? Or is this a bug? Should I just abandon this and 
redo it in OpenOffice.org Writer? 

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