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Dave dave
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What with Scribus' growing support for Arabic scripts, I thought
someone here may find the following interesting :-)

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> 5-8 April 2006:  Dubai.  Kitabat is the first major Arabic
> calligraphy and typography conference in the region.
> Hosted by the Visual Communication Department at the American
> University in Dubai, in partnership with Linotype GmBH (Germany)
> and the Khatt Foundation: Center for Arabic Typography
> (Amsterdam) and in collaboration with the Association
> Typographique Internationale (ATypI).
> The aim of this conference is to bridge Eastern and Western
> design and lead to a two-way cultural exchange.
> It also seeks to enhance the dialogue between calligraphy and
> typography.
> An Internationally-renown line-up of speakers (from the world's
> largest  type foundries, software companies, and award-winning
> Arab and Western designers) will be discussing the future of
> Arabic typography and corporate design.
> A new fresh vision of Arabic fonts will be unveiled at the
> awards ceremony of Linotype's Arabic Type Design Competition.
> The main topics of Kitabat
> - History of Arabic calligraphy and printing
> - Arabic typeface design and type technology
> - Arabic typography and graphic design in the Middle East.
> There will also be workshops, panels and exhibitions on Arabic
> calligraphy, typeface design, graphic design, type technology,
> and type education.
> http://www.kitabat.org


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