[Scribus] duotone or bichrome publications

Peter ?uhalev skatey
Fri Mar 10 18:17:04 CET 2006

I use duotone with scribus all the time, for promotional flyers we make every

I usually delete all unused colors and leave 2 which i want to use. it is much
easier to select them, as there is no other colors in the way. i think it/s
edit colors dialog to add and remove default colors in document.

i have arranged with my printshop that they print me 2 pantone colours that i
pick from the table. well i pick em mostly by eye and monitor but still.
The procedure is that before you export to pdf you change your colours to one
100% cmyk colour. like 100% cyan 0%magenta, 0%yellow, 0%black. then export to
pdf using printer as type of destination. in the 4th tab i think.

then everything else the printshop should know how to print.

with this way u have only 2colours so no random mistakes that the 
colour is not
right. if you need different tones of colour u just use that the colour 
is like
20% of original or something. it works well.

with bitmaps it/s trickier. u can make black and white and then replace one
colour and u have monochrom. don/t use bitmaps lots. prefer svgs with scribus,
when u import the svg and it/s not the right colour just go to the colours
menu, delete the colour #smt. from SVG and it replaces it with your selected
one. so it/s your picked colour.

that would be it.
hope that i have helped at least a little.

Quoting Vic Mortelmans <vic_mortelmans at telenet.be>:

> Hallo,
> can scribus handle duotone (bichrome) publications? I'm not a
> professional, but I want to design posters or flyers for a concert and
> out budget is limited to printing 2-colors (black + orange).
> For regular drawing entities, I can of course restrict to those colors,
> but it would be far more easy, if I could tell scribus beforehand to
> restrict to specific colors.
> What about bitmap elements? Duotone images seem very hard to create. The
> Gimp can't (as far as I figured out searching documenation and the
> inernet). Can scribus help me out for that?
> Groeten,
> Vic
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