[Scribus] Split mailing list?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Mar 9 18:11:13 CET 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 16:15, Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> I have belonged to many lists over the years, and when they get split into
> Developers vs. Users, no one wins.  Many of the people who consider
> themselves users, do not want to sign up for the developer's list for many
> reasons, and then miss out on a lot of cool things in the end.
> This list is excellent, and splitting it up would only cause major
> problems, both in the success and development of this great project.  The
> feedback is incredible, and people of any and all languages seem to be able
> to communicate through any type of diversities.
> Personally, I feel that splitting up the list would be a sort of death
> knoll for this group, but then again, what do I know.  :)

Don't worry, it won't happen. We will continue to answer this very question 
every once in awhile and continue on our multilingual ways right here.

There are already a German and French forums out there on the web, though they 
are not run by the Scribus team.

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