[Scribus] problem trying to print pdf

Le Tigre scribus
Tue Mar 7 20:11:22 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins a ?crit :
>>Hi everybody,
>>this problem is not directly a Scribus one, but I think that you can
>>help me.
>>I've a problem on 3 computers (2 are with 1go memory, and last with 512
>>Mo, so they are not too small...) on Knoppix 3.7/Debian testing.
>>When I make the huge pdf for the printer (600 ppp for text, images
>>uncompressed), and that I try to print them from Acrobat reader via cups
>>(the printer is on a Windows computer...):
>>the line was: /usr/bin/lp -d LBP
>>(where LBP is the printer)
>>Cups tells me: "pstocapt write error,32."
>>So I tried with: (I saw that on a forum)
>>/usr/bin/lpr -P LBP
>>Same problem.
>>I'm choosing level 2 and "Save printer memory", but it doesn't work.
>>A clue: in the past, there were no problem. Since I reinstalled the
>>printer directly from KDE, there is that problem.
>>Other clue: when I try to print a small pdf, it's ok.
> Hi Rapha?l,
> One thing that strikes me is the 600 dpi for text and images...
> A PDF as such is an unRIPped file. So fonts should remain vectors 
> thus not carrying any resolution until the RIPping process where it 
> will gain it's final output resolution of at least 1200 dpi or 2400 
> dpi.
> Images are OK at 300 dpi. Some dual resolution RIPs such as the one 
> we use will RIP these images at no more than 300 dpi... UNLESS your 
> images are line art, which is closer to vector and yes you'd need 600 
> dpi (I would recommend 800 dpi for such images) and then we make the 
> custom settings on the RIP to accomodate these pages, when it happens.
> All this to say that your PDF must be very heavy and for this reason 
> won't go through the printing process. This seems to be confirmed 
> when you say "small pdf is ok".
> I would suggest you discuss the issue with your printer. Why 600 dpi? 
> Try with a lower resolution. Images at 100% and 300 dpi will be just 
> fine. Some vendors in this industry even claim that at 150 linescreen 
> we do not need more than 200 dpi at reproduction size (100%). Don't 
> forget that linescreen, even 150 line per inch, "destroy" an image to 
> a point where it is hardly usable for any other use than print. Try 
> scanning a printed, screened image at a high resolution and see the 
> results!
> Louis
>>You help would be greatful...
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(I sent the mail again because it seems to be lost)

I'm sorry, I was not clear:
600 ppp for text ("Resolution des graphiques EPS") - somebody on this
list or IRC told me that.
And images uncompressed (I mean: the images are uncompressed, they are
not at 600 dpi -> our images are at 300 dpi, sometimes a bit more
(because at 300 dpi and reduced a little bit))
I could decide to compress the images at 300 dpi, but I'd rather use
absolutely no compression before sending the pdf to my printer.

One solution could be to compress the images when making the pdf, print
the pdf, check everything is ok, and then re-make a pdf with no compression.

But, as you can think, my project is to check the last pdf that I made,
just before sending it to the printer - because it's the one wich will
be printed!

The other solution is to open the pdf on a windows machine and then
print them - but it's not wonderful...

The bad thing is that in the past I could print some huge pdf without
any problems.



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