[Scribus] Question on the Insert menu in 1.3.x

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Mar 7 17:24:55 CET 2006

Hi Team!

Is there a particular reason why in the new Insert menu we find the 2 
first options :

Apostrophe [ ' ] (straight apostrophe)
Straight double [ " ] (straight quotation mark)

I am asking this question for 2 reasons:

1. These glyphs are readily accessible from many keyboard layouts (at 
least the ones I know).

2. The so-called "apostrophe" has been a typographic nightmare ever 
since DTP was born and even in the notes from Unicode officials, it 
is said that the recommended apostrophe in typography is the curved 
one. So why insist on that wrong apostrophe that is so easily 
accessible from the keyboard anyways? The same reason applies for the 
Straight double which is often used as quotes (guillemets) ... and is 
also a typographic nightmare!

Say we take them out, the menu will look more attractive (less 
crowded) AND we will help users develop their taste for nice 
typography... :)

Any thoughts? Maybe I'm missing something obvious or I look at this 
from my too narrow point of view (french typography) ?!



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