[Scribus] problem trying to print pdf

Le Tigre scribus
Tue Mar 7 15:32:06 CET 2006

Hi everybody,
this problem is not directly a Scribus one, but I think that you can 
help me.

I've a problem on 3 computers (2 are with 1go memory, and last with 512 
Mo, so they are not too small...) on Knoppix 3.7/Debian testing.

When I make the huge pdf for the printer (600 ppp for text, images 
uncompressed), and that I try to print them from Acrobat reader via cups 
(the printer is on a Windows computer...):

the line was: /usr/bin/lp -d LBP
(where LBP is the printer)

Cups tells me: "pstocapt write error,32."

So I tried with: (I saw that on a forum)

/usr/bin/lpr -P LBP

Same problem.
I'm choosing level 2 and "Save printer memory", but it doesn't work.

A clue: in the past, there were no problem. Since I reinstalled the 
printer directly from KDE, there is that problem.

Other clue: when I try to print a small pdf, it's ok.

You help would be greatful...


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