[Scribus] INkscape Friendly Linux Distribution _OT

frank gaude' tanzen
Sun Mar 5 16:48:26 CET 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> BandiPat wrote:
>> Fedora Core is purely experimental, Red Hat tells you this on their
>> site. It feels that way too, as well as behaves that way! Again, it's
>> Linux, so it is fixable, but it always feels unfinished to me. I also
>> never get the feeling it's reached a completely stable state either,
>> although I think a good Red Hat user could make it feel that way.
> One of the things I would hope we can do when people ask questions like
> Mr. Culleton's, is to refrain from saying negative things about one
> distro or another; perhaps better just to mention positive features of
> whatever one(s) you prefer. There are several list members who use
> Fedora and find it stable, easy to use and update, and certainly
> wouldn't characterize it as experimental. In fact, the FAQs on Fedora's
> site do not say this.
> From their site:
> *"Fedora Core* is a *free* operating system that offers the best
> combination of *stable* and *cutting-edge* software that exists in the
> free software world."
> One of the things I did before installing Fedora, and do every time I
> consider upgrading to the next release, is to take a look at
> fedora-list, where you can easily get a sense of the kinds of
> installation, driver, and other problems people are having, as well as
> solutions to most if not all.
> There are many reasonable choices for a Linux distro that plays well
> with Scribus.
> Greg
Right on, Greg!

I starting using Red Hat in 1996 and have tried at least six other 
distros over the years. Right now, I can't see how anyone could find 
much wrong with Fedora FC4 running KDE... it is close to being perfect 
as a desktop replacement for Win XP. And updating with yum is a breeze, 
keeping it right where you want to be.


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