[Scribus] CMYK colours look totally wrong

Hal V. Engel hvengel
Fri Mar 3 23:21:55 CET 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 01:15 pm, PLinnell wrote:

> Hi,
> Never ever use anything but a profile generated for your monitor,
> otherwise all bets are off for color previews.
> I just refreshed the section on creating profiles with lprof for
> Linux. Here:
> http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=moncal&subpage=1
> the rest of the color management docs are getting redone right now
> for 1.3.x

I will add this to the links page on the lprof web site.  Thanks for updating 

One comment about the content.  While apps like kgamma and tkgamma will allow 
users to adjust the monitor gamma the chart used by these is one that is not 
particularly repeatable or consistant in actual use.  An app named monica 
uses the Norman Koren gamma chart which is the same one used in lprof.  This 
chart is much better than those used in most gamma setting apps and Norman 
claims that it allows for the gamma to be consistently set with a tolerance 
+-0.1.  My experience is that this is a very conservative claim and I think 
that the actual tolerance is closer to +-0.05.  I highly recommend monica as 
the best app for this function.

> On Windows, if you have Adobe Gamma, you can use that to create a
> decent monitor profile visually. It will not be as accurate as
> hardware created profile.
> The older littlecms profilers and manual for windows are available
> here:
> http://web.archive.org/web/20041009161611/http://www.littlecms.com/profiler

A better link for this stuff is:


This page belongs to one of the current lprof developers.

> I expect we will see a new lprof available for Windows by the next
> release.

Lprof now has a volunteer who is working on the Windows port.  I had already 
done a significant amount of Windows porting work on 1.11.0 and other work 
since that time has been very careful about keeping the code base portable.  
But I am not a Windows person and I thought that someone who was would do it 
more justice.  It took a while to find a volunteer but Joe Pizzi stepped 
forward about a week ago and is highly qualified.  He now has the Windows 
port of the current CVS code to the point where it builds and runs.   His 
changes have also been regression tested on Linux.  This still needs more 
testing and I suspect some fixes before it is released.  It will also be 
necessary to package it into an installer.

The current plan is to release the Windows binary along with the next source 
tarball as version 1.11.4 some time in the next few weeks.  By the way 
current CVS is internationalized (as will the next release) and we are 
looking for volunteers to do translations for the GUI.  If you are interested 
in volunteering please contact me.  I would like to have at least a handful 
of good translations before the next release.  Right now the only one that is 
even close is the Russian translation which is also the only one where 
someone has volunteered to do the work.


> On peut parle en francais sur IRC aussi. :)
> Hope that helps,
> Peter
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