[Scribus] Page numbering vs. 1.3.3cvs

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Fri Mar 3 15:24:57 CET 2006

>Dear All,
>I have a problem with the page numbering.
>If the page number is 2 digit, the number is wrong.
>For example:
>1 --> 2 --> ... --> 9 --> 1 --> 2
>The first digit is not appears!
>How can I correct this?

Put 2 signs (CTRL-# or your favorite keyboard shortcut) instead of 
one for 2-digit numbers. Put 3 for numbers 100-999, and so on.
There is a bug report on this. Should be fixed in later versions. 
This is the proper workaround.



>I uses the page numbering via master templates.
>Thanks a lot!
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