[Scribus] importing table

Peter Lesterhuis peterlesterhuis
Fri Mar 3 14:21:30 CET 2006

>So now I am stuck. I am running FC4, Ghostscript 7.07.
>> Of course I could create the table in Scribus, but that doen't solve the 
>> problem, as I also have some charts which I wish to import in Scribus.
>> Does anybody have a clue?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Peter
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>Just now I found that under OO2 and scribus 1.3.3cvs, the following
>method worked flawlessly.
>1. Create a table with text inside within Calc
>2. Select a range desired and copy paste it into a newly created Draw
>3. Export it as an eps file from Draw
>4. Start Scribus and create a new page, then import the eps exported
>from Draw
>I could see that table structrue, text formatting and visual color are all
>preserved within Scribus.

The weird part is that I can't export from Draw as eps file. There is 
only one option: export to PDF. My version of OO is also 2.0.

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