[Scribus] importing table

Sukhi Venkat TnQ skvenkat
Fri Mar 3 06:53:59 CET 2006

Peter Lesterhuis Thu, 02 Mar 2006 22:10:27 +0100 wrote:

> Of course I could create the table in Scribus, but that doen't solve the 
> problem, as I also have some charts which I wish to import in Scribus.
> Does anybody have a clue?

For simple tables it is a better idea to convert tables to tabbed text
and import into Scribus. Then by using tab alignments you can realign
them as you please. You can use the draw tools in Scribus to make the
borders. Figures and charts may have to be edited/checked in Inkscape
before they get into Scribus.

There are a few problems that go away when you install a recent version
of Ghostscript.
Greg Novac (novak at dionysus.ucolick.org) once gave me a link to some non-
standard ghostscript,ploutils,pstoedit RPMs which saved me lot of


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