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Can someone pick the following post and place it on the Scribus wiki for 
me, please! Sorry, I haven't got very far with this valuable tool. 
Should be placed in the HOW-TO section. Also, I can provide a French 
translation for this, as soon as I get a little extra time. (Greg, if 
you have any... ? joking!). Anyone willing to translate is welcomed! I 
should be done during the week-end.

Many many thanks in advance! :)



Louis Desjardins a ?crit :

> Hi,
> [Please feel free to put the following in the wiki. It can be 
> translated as well, of course.]
> 6 easy steps to get faked thin spaces into Scribus.*
> 1. Edit the Preferences > Short Words file so only the punctuation 
> signs that need thin spaces are in the list. [Basically, " ;, !, 
> ?,"]. Save.
> 2. Apply Short Words from the Extras > Short Words menu
> 3. Select one resulting space and copy it.
> 4. Open the Search and Replace dialog and Paste that space in both 
> Text field. In the Replace field change the font size to 1/4 of your 
> body text. Then hit "Search" and "Replace All"
> 5. Go back to Preferences > Short Words and replace the punctuation 
> signs that need thin spaces by the ones that need regular 
> non-breaking space. [Basically, " :,? , ?,"]. Save.
> 6. Apply Short Words (step #2) and your done.
> The draw back is your thin spaces will not be fixed-width spaces. 
> Only, they will be much smaller. They will always be closer to the 
> preceding word, which is what we want to achieve. But the width of 
> the thin space may vary from line to line. Don't forget it's a 
> regular non-breaking space that is only set to a smaller typesize. It 
> will look better and give the feel of 2 different spaces.
> *It looks like a long ride but it really only takes a few minutes and 
> it does make a huge difference in typographic quality.
> Enjoy!
> Louis
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