[Scribus] How to link two pages

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Mar 1 19:04:11 CET 2006

Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> I am using the Windows version of Scribus, and I am trying to link two 
> pages together so that my text runs smoothly between those two pages.  
> What is the easiest way to handle this?
Questions like this, that we see frequently, make me think that Scribus 
might do well to imitate something Inkscape has done, which is to give a 
little message at the bottom of the window when you mouse over a tool, 
something more than the tooltip, that tells you how to use the tool, or 
maybe just where to look for instructions.

One might even suggest, once this is done, that new users try to 
familiarize themselves with  the tools by running the mouse over each one.


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