[Scribus] Help, urgent! Pdf doesn't print all pages...

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Fri Jun 30 09:08:29 CEST 2006

I just finished my monthly newsletter for our church, and now I find 
that it makes a perfectly looking pdf, but the pdf won't print all 
pages. It only prints the first and last page. I can check this when 
printing into a ps file and watching it under KGhostview. Only page 1 
and 8 have text, the rest of the pages remains white.

There are pdfs included to the document, but when I print without those 
pages or try to cut the pdfs out, the outcome is the same.

There are new fonts on my system (I bought a family of TTFs to replace 
an old Type1 font which doesn't run properly on OOo) and I used the new 
font in a few places in the document. But after changing this, the pages 
still aren't printed.

This is really urgent, it is needed for Sunday, and I still have to 
print it...

So thank you very much for all ideas, hints and tips!


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