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Gabriele Francescotto - OpenContent gabriele.francescotto
Thu Jun 22 18:27:29 CEST 2006


actually I'm building an eZ publish extension for Scribus: I hope it helps.
eZ publish is a powerful open source CMS and CMFramework that uses php+mysql
or postgresql, released under GPL license ( www.ez.no).

The idea is that the editors can build their contents' archive, with images
and articles, using the CMS like a platform indipendent from a specific
files' format, so that all the contents can be organized and managed
according to the different needs: the webmaster can use them for the website
(using the HTML format), the journalists to archive their whole production
and choose to download the materials as PDF, the graphics can use some
prefixed template to compose quite complex pages and then download their
compositions as SLA format (according to Scribus' XML schema).
The extension will be ready before the next October (I hope!) and will be
released under GPL license.

If some of you are interested into this project, please let me know.
all the best,

Gabriele Francescotto
OpenContent      [free software solutions]
via Verdi, 19        8100 Trento
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