[Scribus] Non scribus related posts

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Jun 22 14:51:44 CEST 2006

Cedric Sagne wrote:

 > I just don't want to read about politics and conspiracy
> theories on the scribus thread, that's not what it was started for and 
> not why I signed up for it.
> How could we arrange an approval and censorship on non related topics?

At this point I'm really not sure that's necessary. We've only really 
had the one thread recently and it petered out before turning into a 
giant flamewar.

Moderation is a royal PITA and to be avoided as much as possible. It 
slows down discussion and demands a lot of work from the moderators. It 
works for very low traffic lists - like announce lists- but that's about it.

Unless a serious and ongoing problem arises I'd recommend putting up 
with occasional off-topic discussion, and politely asking that it be 
moved elsewhere if it becomes an issue.

Craig Ringer

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