[Scribus] Crash when trying to deleting page

Russbucket russbucket
Wed Jun 21 17:19:25 CEST 2006

Suse 10.0, Scribus build ID C-C-T-F-A espghostscript 8.15.2, 

I was inserting data in a ungrouped table on page three of a newsletter when a 
little black box appeared. I grouped all of the table and moved it to a new 
page. The black box stayed on page three. When i try deleting the black box 
or the page I get a sig 11 crash.

When I restart the .sla file I get the following message:

????????The document contains some font that is not installed on your system. 
choose a suitable replacement for them. Cancel will stop the document from 

? The original font box is blank, substitution is TT Aerial Black regular.
The make substitution box is check.

Document still contains black box and crashes when I try deleting.
I looked at the .sla file in the text editor but I'm not sure what to look 

I can send the file if needed.
Rebooting my system did not help either. 

Is this a bug I should report? I did not see anything close on Mantis.

Thank you for any help possible

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