[Scribus] Manual 1.3.3?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Tue Jun 20 18:01:08 CEST 2006

Am Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006 13:09 schrieb Joop B. Buker:
> First I want to introduce me: I am Joop from the Netherlands.
>  I thank the developers of Scribus for what they have made. As a
> windows-user, for some time I envied Linux-users that they had the
> OS-program Scribus. But recently I could download Scribus for windows and
> now I want to start with some tests. In the past I have made several simple
> books, brochures and flyers with OpenOffice.org (and Wordperfect and Word).
> I am not a designer and have no experience with other dtp-programs. So many
> things in Scribus that are similar to for instance InDesign or Quark are
> completely new to me.
>  I downloaded the "Get started with Scribus" Tutorial. But I see that this
> is written for 1.1.6. and many things in the menus etc. have been changed
> in 1.3.3. Using the Dutch translation of the GUI I find it hard to locate
> menu-items that are mentioned in that tutorial.
>  Is there a new manual available and/or a manual on the internet for a
> similar program that is handy learning about dtp-programs.
>  Joop

Dag Joop,

Unfortunately, it makes hardly any sense to publish a manual for development 
versions (and the 1.3x series is a development series). Scribus is currently 
a moving target, and it would be a waste of time to describe features that 
constantly change or menus that will move, change their UI or even disappear. 
You can still use the tutorial for becoming familiar with some of the basic 
concepts of DTP. Then we have the docs (docs.scribus.net) and the Wiki 
(wiki.scribus.net), and both offer lots of useful articles and hints, even 
for the 1.3x series. Finally, there's this list ...

Dus, als je hulp nodig hebt, aarzel niet te vragen :)


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