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Tue Jun 20 17:47:10 CEST 2006

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> Subject: [Scribus] Design Processed: Blue Sky Scribus Ideas
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> Hi All,
> As part of my Interaction Design degree at Ravensbourne College,
> London, I've prepared http://www.designprocessed.com - an essay on
> some 'blue sky' or 'what if...' ideas centered around Scribus.
> While of course not real features to put into the bugtracker, I would
> very much appreciate comments from anyone and everyone :-)
> --  
> Regards,
> Dave


Great thinking. Your discussion is more on the design side of things  
(which is in itself an interesting topic), but the concept of  
scripting the creation of a file is really interesting.

I have looked at the file structures myself and thought about how I  
might auto-generate documents with the knowledge of the basic file  
structures. In my case, I would be building templates for blank  
sheets of media labels. If I were to write a basic python script that  
could take the placement/shape and size attributes of a label and  
auto-generate a template file, I could use my product measurements  
(in a data file) to create the files for me! The code may be useful  
in the future as a 'super step and repeat' function or something  

While I'm still far off from extending scribus in this way, I will be  
glad to submit these back to the development for inclusion or use in  
any way when I have some working code. Thanks again to the  
development team.

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