[Scribus] Subject: Re: GSView under Debian

jrm at kw.igs.net jrm
Fri Jun 16 00:34:26 CEST 2006

> * Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex at tagancha.org> [2006-06-13] 
> John, 
> It's not really off-topic as far as I can tell. One of the core Scribus 
> developers Peter Linnell made several requests for the gsview/libgs Debian 
> packages as well. There has been a certain level of interest in this 
> combination for a while, but no sustainable solution has been found,  
> yet. I personally have made several attempts of packaging  
> libgs/gsview for Debian and every time I ran into a wall of my  
> incompetence when building the shared objects (what you call libgs) 
>  from the Debian ghostscript sources (afpl or gpl). I tried  
> contacting the Debian gs maintainer several times, but did not have  
> any luck as he seems to be inactive and his packages have been NMUed 
> (uploaded by unrelated people to fix bugs) for a while now.  
> Regarding your problems with font management and menu inclusions -  
> those are solvable much easier than the libgs builds. If you think  
> we could could work together to get that done I might be able to  
> prepare packages that would correctly integrate into a Debian/Ubuntu  
> system. 
> Regards, 
> Alex. 
Alex, I'd love to do what I can to help with this.  Please feel free 
to email me off-list, maybe put "scribus" in the subject line.  What 
might be relevant to mention now is that, in addition to the build 
depends of gs-afpl, building libgs properly requires gtk-config, which 
I found in libgtk1.2-dev but not in libgtk2.0-dev. 
The other thing I'll mention here is a fall-back possibility: package 
gsview with a dependency on a (so far non-existent) virtual package 
libgs, just making sure that the package description for gsview points 
to the Scribus docs about building libgs and also points to somewhere 
in the Debian docs about bypassing dependencies. 
It sounds from what you say as though there could be quite a few messy 
details about the Debian gs packaging, which we might better discuss 
off list. 
John (MacPhail) 

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