[Scribus] Text Overlap

Tom Hicks tom
Thu Jun 15 14:08:56 CEST 2006

>> I don't know how you're changing font size, but usually if you do it in
>> Story Editor, you don't have this happen. What's happening is that the
>> line spacing is not increasing with font size. Look in the Text tab of
>> Properties: top left is font size, next one down is line spacing.
> I also think that this is a curious behavior ... wouldn't it be better
> to increase both values when the font-size grows?
> Best,
> Tom

 Yes, but not always. some designs use a fixed line space no matter 
what the font size, especially as a 10pt font may appends the same 
size as say 13pt of a different font, as font designers have a lot of 
say over how big the font is with different pt sizes. Also the use of 
a baseline grid would mean that you would want the same line spacing 
mo-matter what the size of text. (usually that of the largest)


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