[Scribus] GSView under Debian

jrm at kw.igs.net jrm
Mon Jun 12 21:28:57 CEST 2006

Hi.  If I am off-topic here (i.e, if there is a better  
way to reach people interested in GSView on Debian than  
by this list), then I hope someone will politely let me  
Are others successfully using GSView under Debian? 
I'm using it, but with problems.  I got it by putting an RPM  
file through Alien, and am using GhostScript libraries that  
I've generated from the gs-afpl sources. 
The major further hurdle is font management -- I haven't 
sorted out the right way to register GSView with the Debian 
font management programs, so my GSView is not finding out 
about new fonts as I install them, and for some reason my 
GSView doesn't act very nicely when it doesn't have needed fonts. 
There is also the minor issue of arranging that GSView show 
up properly in Debian and KDE menus.  (Being from an RPM, maybe 
it does show up in Gnome menus, I wouldn't know.) 
Is there any hope that debian.scribus.net could have packages 
for libgs (which would be a virtual package provided by 
libgs-afpl and libgs-gpl) and for gsview? 
John (MacPhail)  

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