[Scribus] Maintaining text with scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jun 12 03:50:20 CEST 2006

Marc de Banville wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I was looking these days about a way to maintain or import/export text 
>> from a .sla, for different needs (correction, translation, sending text 
>> only). I suppose this could be Python-scripted, but I didn't find any of 
>> these. BTW is there a way to get a international spellchecker compatible 
>> with Scribus text editor?
Here is something I had forgotten I had made a few months ago. It's a 
script, frameslist.py, that will take your current document and scan for 
text frames (as written the frames need to start with "Text"). After 
that it will print to a text file the names of the frames followed by 
the contents.

Page 1
Text1: frame contents

Text2: next frame contents
/and/so/on/ -- Will do this for as many pages as there are.

Some caveats:
1)  Scribus does its own weird thing with carriage returns, so they come 
out Ctrl-E or Ctrl-M, depending on your version.
2) There aren't any safety tests -- if you don't have a document opened, 
nothing will happen (actually the script just quits without doing anything).
3) Only have one document open -- it doesn't work right if there is more 
than one. (I don't know why)
4) This works within Scribus, not as a standalone.

Open a document
Run frameslist.py
Requestor asks for filename - '.txt' will be appended
You should get a message telling you the file was saved

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