[Scribus] Printing from Scribus with Ubuntu

John B johnb316
Sun Jun 11 06:12:13 CEST 2006

On 6/10/06, Elaine de Saxe <coolowl at hotkey.net.au> wrote:
> Good morning ...
> Running Ubuntu Breezy for PowerPC, Scribus 1.2x (haven't looked for
> an update yet). Cannot figure out how to get my printer working.
> It's an HP Laser 5MP and the trick (and probably the hold-up) is that
> it has AppleTalk and my Macs have Ethernet. There's two sizes of
> "parallel" connections and a serial connection but no Ethernet port
> that I can see. So I use an AT/En Asante bridge in order to print.
> I did write to the Ubuntu Forum but have received no response to this
> question. At this stage it's not possible to chuck out a perfectly
> good printer and buy a new one.
> Since this is not necessarily a Scribus issue I'm happy to have it
> discussed/resolved offlist. I'm quite new to Linux and Scribus is the
> only app I've tried to do anything with.
> Elaine in Brisbane, Australia
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Do your Macs have USB ports on them? If so, then another good option
for printing would be to use a USB-to-parallel cable to connect the
USB port to the parallel port. I've successfully used one of them with
my B&W G3 PowerMac and an HP LaserJet 6MP printer.


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