[Scribus] Printing from Scribus with Ubuntu

Elaine de Saxe coolowl
Sun Jun 11 00:35:03 CEST 2006

Good morning ...

Running Ubuntu Breezy for PowerPC, Scribus 1.2x (haven't looked for  
an update yet). Cannot figure out how to get my printer working.

It's an HP Laser 5MP and the trick (and probably the hold-up) is that  
it has AppleTalk and my Macs have Ethernet. There's two sizes of  
"parallel" connections and a serial connection but no Ethernet port  
that I can see. So I use an AT/En Asante bridge in order to print.

I did write to the Ubuntu Forum but have received no response to this  
question. At this stage it's not possible to chuck out a perfectly  
good printer and buy a new one.

Since this is not necessarily a Scribus issue I'm happy to have it  
discussed/resolved offlist. I'm quite new to Linux and Scribus is the  
only app I've tried to do anything with.

Elaine in Brisbane, Australia

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