[Scribus] Suggestion: Mac support list

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Jun 7 20:44:27 CEST 2006

Jim Killock wrote:
> Just a suggestion: a mac support list might be useful.
> I've got (more) questions, but they all seem mac related. i wonder if  
> a Mac-only list might not be an easier way of getting feedback and  
> support for mac users?

As a dedicated non-mac user, I'd prefer the mac stuff stayed on the main 
list, so long as it's Scribus related. Things that appear to be mac 
specific may be interesting to others, or move in a direction that 
becomes of interest to all platforms. An apparently mac specific issue 
may in fact reveal something to consider on all platforms. It's also 
just less lists to follow, something I for one really appreciate.

IMO it's a similar issue as per-language lists, and has the same answer.

Craig Ringer

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