[Scribus] Importing PDF Files

Nick Betcher, CPhT nbetcher
Wed Jun 7 14:50:05 CEST 2006

	Recently I've wanted to start to use Scribus to make PDF files for work that 
have form fields. However, I already have the PDF file and all of its form 
fields completed, I just want to use a Open Source product to edit the 
existing documents.

	However, when I try to open ANY PDF (ones I made, ones from the internet, 
absolutely any PDF file), it always fails and says it not an "Acceptable" 
format. I've verified my Ghostscript installation is working. What's wrong? :

	PS/EPS documents import just fine, but I've already put a lot of work into 
the PDF files and the PS/EPS files draw the text/fonts as vectors instead of 
using the actual font to render the document - this makes "editing" the 
PS/EPS file impossible.


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