[Scribus] Integration into KDE

Thomas Zastrow listen
Tue Jun 6 19:59:20 CEST 2006

Dear list,

I compiled and installed Scribus under Suse 10.1 with KDE. I was 
surprised that Scribus' SLA-files weren't automatically associated with 
the Scribus-App, so I wrote an eMail to the KDE-usability-list. There 
were some answers on my mail, here a summary:

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 02:56, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
 > Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
 > > On Friday 02 June 2006 08:33, Thomas Zastrow wrote:
 > >> KDE nows a lot of file-types, but Scribus isn't recognized by KDE by
 > >> default. Wouldn't it possible to associate SLA-files in Konqueror with
 > >> Scribus?
 > >
 > > scribus should ship a .desktop file that includes this association. if
 > > they don't, that's a bug for scribus to fix.
 > Scribus ships support for the XDG MIME information, but KDE doesn't
 > support it yet.

ah yes, real world useful versus theoretically useful. *applause* =/

someone should thump the scribus team kindly on the noggin and suggest that
adding that one entry into their .desktop file would make scribus more 
for the majority of open source desktop users, aka "kde users".

 > This appears to be a general issue that needs to be addressed.

kde4 supports (or at least will: dfaure is implementing it) the xdg mime 
before that point, scribus needs to fix their stuff.

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