[Scribus] offtopic: microsoft must pay to adobe to include pdf exportcapability

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Jun 5 20:13:41 CEST 2006

avox wrote:

> In this case it looks that Adobe bases their action on anti-trust claims
> (if they really want to do that, so far I've heard only the MS side).

Indeed. If the MS side does represent the truth or close to it, I can't 
see how Adobe can get anywhere. The anti-trust argument would be 
significantly limited by the fact that:

	- There are many free PDF creators already; there is little
           "value" to be "destroyed" in this market through the release
           of a low-end PDF tool in Office.

	- Adobe hasn't gone after any of those free tools.

	- Adobe themselves released the PDF spec under a license that
	  permits Microsoft, or anybody else, to implement it.

In this, so far, I tend to take MS's view. If Adobe's being 
misrepresented, they're being awfully quite about it, too.

Of course, as someone who has the misfortune to deal with Publisher 
users, I'll be delighted at any built-in PDF capability. Few of them 
have Acrobat, and getting a free tool like PDFCreator installed and set 
up over the phone is often an extended and painful experience. I've just 
had them bring in a laptop (or one time, a desktop) so I can do it 
myself in more than a couple of cases. Being able to direct them to hit 
the pretty PDF button and email me would be nice. Being able to send the 
user a preset to use would be nicer, but isn't available as of the 
current beta.

Craig Ringer

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