[Scribus] Collaborative publishing using wiki and Scribus

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Sun Jun 4 19:07:26 CEST 2006

> As for the use of real WP, I think it might be left to the writers as 
> long as if there is a way of getting their text into the 
> "collaborative tool" (maybe a wiki, maybe a spip site, maybe 
> something else yet to invent).

One big disadvantage with using a WP is that the writer can do "to much". Not only can the writer make text bold or italics, but the writer can change font, change fontsize and other things that are likely to cause problems.

But of course, if the writer can see the result of the import into the "collaborative tool" they will become aware of the problems.

But if the writer does NOT see the result of the import, bad things may happend.

At work I wrote an article about safety of medical electrical equipment (that's what I work with), and stated a limit for a safe current. The limit was 100 microampere, of course I wrote it as "100 uA" (with u being the micro sign, not the letter u). But when the layout person cut and pasted from my Word document into Page Maker it became "100 mA"... Making the limit 1000 times bigger... (and defnitely more hazardous) 

Now it was only an informational article, but what if it had been something regulatory?

Of course the problem would not have been there if the article had been written in unicode, but it was just an example of how things can go wrong and that even very small errors may be serious.


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