[Scribus] Generating PDFs

Erich Dollansky oceanare
Fri Jun 2 08:37:41 CEST 2006


Michael Eager wrote:
> Erich Dollansky wrote:
>> Michael Eager wrote:
>>> opens slowly in Acroread.  Printing from Acroread is very slow
>>> and frequently fails to print (I think that the printer runs
>>> out of memory).
>> Is it a postscript printer?
> Yes.

does the driver know of the memory size the printer actually has?
>>> If I turn off text compression, the size of the PDF is
>>> much larger, about 25 times the size of the Scribus file.
>>> Any suggestions on what causes this or how to correct
>>> these problems?
>> Scribus generates very large PDFs to make sure that every detail is as 
>> expected.
> It seems extraordinarily large.  It's a distinct disadvantage
> compared to files generated by other programs.  Documents which
> take a long time to download or print are less desirable.
> Documents which don't print are even less desirable.  :-)

You can play around with the export options to make them smaller within 
the desired quality.

Especially 'resample images to' and the use a resolution your printer 
has helps a lot.

There are other options like under 'Colour': 'Output Intended For' which 
have an influence on the size.

I am able to create out of the same Scribus file PDFs from 2MB to 20MB. 
But it took a while for me to understand what setting has which impact.


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