[Scribus] Assembling Multi-Chapter Book

Jennifer Baughman jbaughman
Sun Jul 30 23:38:34 CEST 2006

Hi, everyone.

I'm trying to build a multi-section book that will end up about 65 pages
(including cover, credits, etc.) -- each section is roughly 5 pages, and
combines text, images, and polygons -- the layout is rather complicated.
I've been building the separate sections as separate .sla files, and
they're all using the same master pages and styles. Currently, though,
I'm having problems using the Page --> Import function to import the
.sla files into a "master" document to assemble them -- linked text
frames break, master pages don't apply correctly, etc. I'm wondering if
there's a specific procedure that I'm not getting, or if I'm wanting
Scribus to do something it isn't capable of yet, or if I'm just going to
have to cut-and-paste page by page to assemble the document as I need it.

I'm still fairly new to Scribus, and to DTP in general -- most of my
experience is with FrameMaker (which, as I understand it, isn't *quite*

I'm using Scribus on Windows XP Pro. I'd be willing to try a cvs
version, if that will make things easier, but a) I'm not sure how to
compile it, and b) the latest 1.3.3 cvs snapshot I saw on the downloads
page was

Thank you all for your help -- I do appreciate it!

Jennifer Baughman

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